Duplex Suite for 5/6 people

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  • ADSL /無線網路
  • Mini Bar
  • 免費院線片
  • 냉장고 - 바 냉장고
  • 헤어 드라이어
  • 手機鏡射電視
  • 객실 안전
  • 에어컨
  • 책상
  • 목욕
  • 浴缸
  • 전화

<Japanese Room/ Single Bed / 5-6 people>

The design of two-space building, meet the needs of two families, small but spacious, allows the good vibes to flow, the bright gray wall indulge in energy, couch and window outlines the heart, perfect for the beauty of travel.

객실 예약


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