Oinn Double Bunk Bed in Mixed Dormitory Room

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  • 이층 침대
  • 라운지 구역
  • 공용 욕실
  • 免費院線片
  • 台南老字號彈簧床
  • 手機鏡射娛樂電視
  • 獨立換氣扇
  • 에어컨
  • 零暗角梳妝鏡
  • 더블 베드
  • 금연
  • 무선 인터넷
  • 케이블/위성 TV

<Capsule beds with perfect facilities, suitable for groups on a low budget>

Accommodates 16 people in a dormitory, suitable for graduation trip, club travelling...etc. The capsule bed is spacious and comfortable. You guys will get a good sleep together!

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