Oinn Single Bunk Bed in Boy Dormitory Room

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  • 이층 침대
  • 獨立換氣扇
  • 무선 인터넷
  • 라운지 구역
  • 台南老字號彈簧床
  • 手機鏡射娛樂電視
  • 閱讀桌
  • 零暗角梳妝鏡
  • 免費院線片
  • 공용 욕실
  • 금연
  • 싱글 침대
  • 케이블/위성 TV

<Instant PVP or team up, it’s the boy’s game time>

Men’s talk also can not be ignored, the boys need also should be freed,

Each bed has an entertainment TV which can be connected to your smart phone, relive the happy time with your friends!

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