Double Room

<Superior Double Room for 2 people/ Deluxe Double Room for 2~3 people >

After exploring the food and scenic sports at the old street, let Omnisens top brand of fragrance wash away your exhaustion. Using an ergonomic Tainan old-fashioned styled mattress and provided with a soft like baby-skin 32 double-stranded towel your body will be comfortable. This double bed room will treat you well.

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Quadruple Room

< Standard Double Bed * 2 /Japanese Style – Single Bed * 4 >

Minimalist and quiet room, a scent of tatami or a scent of wood, soft light sets off a clean temperature, modest.  Slow atmosphere slows people down, simplify in comfort and quietness.

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Duplex Suite for 5/6 people

<Japanese Room/ Single Bed / 5-6 people>

The design of two-space building, meet the needs of two families, small but spacious, allows the good vibes to flow, the bright gray wall indulge in energy, couch and window outlines the heart, perfect for the beauty of travel.

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Oinn Single Bunk Bed in Mixed Dormitory Room

<Best Friends' Crazy Room>

With your “maji” (best friends), together as one, extravagant private room space, suitable for group discussions, this is perfectly optimal for a travel group.

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Oinn Single Bunk Bed in Girl Dormitory Room

<Enjoy the private world in Ladies Area, feel free and unrestrained>

As a single person or in a group, become yourself, free yourself.

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Oinn Single Bunk Bed in Boy Dormitory Room

<Instant PVP or team up, it’s the boy’s game time>

Men’s talk also can not be ignored, the boys need also should be freed,

Each bed has an entertainment TV which can be connected to your smart phone, relive the happy time with your friends!

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Oinn Double Bunk Bed in Mixed Dormitory Room

<Capsule beds with perfect facilities, suitable for groups on a low budget>

Accommodates 16 people in a dormitory, suitable for graduation trip, club travelling...etc. The capsule bed is spacious and comfortable. You guys will get a good sleep together!

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Oinn Double Bunk Bed in Girl Dormitory Room

<The Perfect Travel for BFF So Come On Girls!>

Best friends traveling together warms the friendship

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